Energy expertise includes work on electrochemical systems, fuel cells, and batteries.  Larger scale efforts involve systems engineering and optimization of power plants to enhance efficiency, cut costs, and run more cleanly.  Alternative energy research in areas such as photovoltaics, thermochemical conversion of biomass, and the development of biofuels are also actively being pursued.

  • forward osmosis/osmotic power
  • biodiesel power generation
  • proton exchange membrane fuel cells
  • aerobic biocathodes for oxygen reduction
  • electrochemical kinetics and ionic transport

Participating Faculty

Beykal, Burcu

Assistant Professor
(860) 486-2756

george bollas photo

Bollas, George

(860) 486-6037

barry carter photo

C. Barry Carter

Emeritus Professor
(860) 486-4020

doug cooper photo

Douglas Cooper

Emeritus Professor
(860) 486-4020

Maric Radenka photo

Maric, Radenka

UConn President, CT Clean Energy Fund Professor of Sustainable Energy
(860) 486-3621

Matthew Stuber

Stuber, Matthew

Pratt & Whitney Associate Professor in Advanced Systems Engineering
(860) 486-3689

Ioulia A. Valla photo

Valla, Julia

Associate Professor
(860) 486-0583

Brian willis  photo

Willis, Brian

(860) 486-9429

Professor Xiao-Dong Zhou Photo

Zhou, Xiao-Dong

The Nicholas E. Madonna Chair in Sustainability, CT Clean Energy Fund Professor of Sustainable Energy, Director of Center for Clean Energy Engineering