Beykal, Burcu

Assistant Professor

Postdoc, Data Analytics/Optimization, Texas A&M University (2021)
Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University (2020)
M.S., Chemical Engineering, Carnegie Mellon University (2014)
B.S., Chemical & Biological Engineering, Koc University (2013)

Current Research

  • Process Systems Engineering
  • Machine Learning/AI
  • Data-driven Optimization
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Energy Systems Design
  • Data-driven Modeling of Environmental & Biological Systems

Professional Activities

Member: American Institute of Chemical Engineers
Member: Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences

Awards & Honors

2022 ACS Petroleum Research Fund
2020 AIChE CAST Directors’ Award
2020 Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, Texas A&M University
2019 MIT Rising Stars in Chemical Engineering

Selected Publications

  1. Z Aghayev, AT Szafran, A Tran, HS Ganesh, F Stossi, L Zhou, MA Mancini, EN Pistikopoulos, B Beykal. Machine Learning Methods for Endocrine Disrupting Potential Identification Based on Single-Cell Data. Chemical Engineering Science, 2023, 119086.
  2. H Nikkhah, B Beykal. Process Design and Technoeconomic Analysis for Zero Liquid Discharge Desalination via LiBr Absorption Chiller Integrated HDH-MEE-MVR System, Desalination, 2023, 116643.
  3. B Beykal, S Avraamidou, EN Pistikopoulos. Data-Driven Optimization of Mixed-integer Bi-level Multi-follower Integrated Planning and Scheduling Problems Under Demand Uncertainty, Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2022, 156, 107551.
  4. B Beykal, F Boukouvala, CA Floudas, EN Pistikopoulos. Optimal Design of Energy Systems Using Constrained Grey-Box Multi-Objective Optimization. Computers & Chemical Engineering, 2018, 116, 488-502.
  5. B Beykal, S Avraamidou, IPE Pistikopoulos, M Onel, EN Pistikopoulos. DOMINO: Data-driven Optimization of bi-level Mixed-Integer NOnlinear Problems. Journal of Global Optimization, 2020, 78, 1-36.
  6. K Bi, B Beykal, I Pappas, S Avraamidou, EN Pistikopoulos, T Qui. Integrated Modeling of Transfer Learning and Intelligent Heuristic Optimization for Steam Cracking Process. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 2020, 59(37), 16357-16367.
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