Several CBE faculty members have significant research thrusts with environmental applications. Their efforts include cutting edge studies in water technology, ranging from fundamental work in water purification to large-scale systems engineering of water treatment plants. On-going research efforts also include understanding atmospheric chemistry and its relationship to air pollution.

  • remediation
  • air pollution modeling and impacts to human health
  • emissions reduction
  • water purification and desalination

Participating Faculty

burcu beykal photo

Beykal, Burcu

Assistant Professor
(860) 486-2756

Jeffrey McCutcheon photo

McCutcheon, Jeffrey

Al Geib Professor of Environmental Engineering Research & Education
(860) 486-4601

Leslie Shor Photo

Shor, Leslie

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education
(860) 486-3136

Ranjan Srivastava photo

Srivastava, Ranjan

Professor and Department Head
(860) 486-4020

Matthew Stuber photo

Stuber, Matthew

Assistant Professor
(860) 486-3689

Professor Wagstrom photo

Wagstrom, Kristina

Eversource Energy Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering Education
(860) 486-1715