Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to the Chemical Engineering Ph.D. program if I did not major in Chemical Engineering for my bachelor’s degree?

Yes. We do not limit applications to only chemical engineering students. However, we do require all students to take qualifying exams after their first fall semester. More information on the qualifying exam is in the CBE Graduate Handbook found at the following link.

Do I need to secure an advisor before submitting my application?

No. We do not ask applicants to contact faculty prior to submitting an application.

Can I submit unofficial transcripts with my application?

Yes. We only require unofficial transcripts and diplomas/degree certificates at the time of application (all items must be uploaded). If you are admitted, and choose to attend UConn, then we would require all official transcripts and diplomas/degree certificates in order to finalize your admission.

As an international applicant, do I need to submit an official score for English proficiency with my application?

Yes. All proof of English proficiency scores (TOEFL, IELTS, etc.) are required to be official for an application to be moved forward for departmental review. Applications may be submitted prior to receiving an official score to meet submission deadlines, but the application will not be reviewed until official scores have been received.

As an international applicant, should I upload my transcript in both English and my native language?

Yes. You need to upload both the English translation and the transcript in your native language.

Does the University waive the English proficiency test for applicants from English-speaking countries?

Yes. If your native language is English, choose “English” as your Native Language when filling out your application.

Am I still required to take an English proficiency test if I completed my degree at a University where the primary language of instruction was English?

No. If the transcript from your university states that the medium of instruction for the degree obtained was in English, then proof of English proficiency will be waived after you submit your application. If the medium of instruction for the degree obtained was entirely in English but it is NOT stated on your transcript/diploma, please upload a letter from your university’s Registrar’s Office stating that the medium of instruction for the entire degree was in English into the Essays and Documents section of your application. Please make sure the letter is on official letterhead and includes your full name, degree, and date of when it was received. Please wait up to 48 hours for review for it to show as waived on your checklist, as it is not an automatic waiver.

Am I still required to take an English proficiency test if I am currently earning a degree from a University where the primary language of instruction is English, but I have not yet graduated?

Yes. We cannot waive the English Proficiency test score requirement until you have obtained the degree in which the medium of instruction was English. Because you have not yet received your degree, you will need to submit your English proficiency test scores.

Do I need to have a master’s degree to apply for the Ph.D. program?

No. We do not require students to have an MS degree to apply for the Ph.D. program. The majority of our Ph.D. students do not have MS degrees when they start the program.

My English Proficiency scores expire soon. Can I submit my application beforehand?

Yes. As long as the English Proficiency scores are less than 2 years old from the test date to the date you submit your application, The Graduate School will consider the test results valid. For example, if your test was taken on December 5, 2019, you would have until December 5, 2021 to submit your application and the scores would be considered valid.

I’m an international student who graduated from a college in the U.S. Will the English proficiency requirement be waived?

The waiver will be applied if you have at least 18 graduate credits with a 3.00 or better or 30 undergraduate credits with a 3.00 or better.

Can I apply for the Ph.D. program with a spring semester start date?

We have a strong preference that you apply in the Fall to be placed in the regular sequence. Spring admission will only be considered under special circumstances.

Is funding available for students?

Generally, incoming PhD students are provided with financial support, including tuition and stipend, for the Fall and Spring semesters during their first year. Continued financial support is contingent upon satisfactory progress towards the degree as assessed by your major advisor and the advisory committee. International MS students are not considered for funding, tuition waivers, or TA and RA positions at this time.

What are my chances of admission?

This information is confidential.

It is past the recommended deadline for submitting my application. Can I still apply?

Priority is given to applications received before the deadline, but we review all applications.