Polymers & Composites

Several CBE faculty perform research in the area of polymers and composites, with several being joint members of the Polymer Program. Some are working to design materials with unique structures that may be tuned for specific purposes, including catalytic processes and energy applications. Others are studying self-assembly and directed assembly formation mechanisms to customize nanostructures with applications to biomedical technology, sensing, and energy. Additionally, some are engaged in understanding the behavior of fluids containing nanoparticles, foams, and emulsions, among others. Research efforts range from the nano/molecular scale to macro-level, incorporating a combination of experimental and computational studies.

  • ionomers
  • sol-gel glasses
  • hybrid organic-inorganic materials
  • biodegradable polymers
  • rheology and complex fluids
  • membrane separations
  • polymer electrospinning
  • polymer gels & filled polymers
  • structural characterization of soft materials

Participating Faculty

dan burkey photo

Burkey, Daniel

Associate Professor, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Education, and Castleman Term Professor in Engineering Innovation
(860) 486-5466

Kelly Burke photo

Burke, Kelly

Associate Professor
(860) 486-3133

Dr. Cato Laurencin

Laurencin, Cato

University Professor and Van Dusen Distinguished Endowed Professor
(860) 679-4086

Jeffrey McCutcheon photo

McCutcheon, Jeffrey

Al Geib Professor of Environmental Engineering Research & Education
(860) 486-4601

professor nieh photo

Nieh, Mu-Ping

(860) 486-8708

professor parnas photo

Parnas, Richard

Emeritus Professor
(860) 486-9060

luyi sun photo

Sun, Luyi

(860) 486-6895