Biomolecular Engineering

Faculty involved in biomolecular applications carry out research in areas ranging from microbiome engineering to proteomics and metabolics. Some are engaged in developing next generation technologies such as regenerative medicine and drug delivery, while others are involved in the creation of novel and more sensitive biosensors and new innovations in agricultural biotechnology. Research efforts include everything from purely computational to purely experimental and everything in between.

  • biomaterials & biomimetic materials
  • systems biology
  • drug delivery
  • metabolic engineering
  • tissue engineering
  • bionanotechnology, bio/nanosensor, bio/nanomaterials,
  • regenerative medicine
  • microfluidics
  • microbial assay systems

Participating Faculty

Kelly Burke photo

Burke, Kelly

Associate Professor
(860) 486-3133

Young Cho photo

Cho, Yongku

Associate Professor
(860) 486-4072

Dr. Cato Laurencin

Laurencin, Cato

University Professor and Van Dusen Distinguished Endowed Professor
(860) 679-4086

yu lei photo

Lei, Yu

Centennial Professor
(860) 486-4554

Anson Ma photo

Ma, Anson

United Technologies Corporation Associate Professor in Engineering Innovation
(860) 486-4630

Jennifer Pascal photo

Pascal, Jennifer

Associate Professor in Residence and Associate Department Head
(860) 486-3604

Leslie Shor Photo

Shor, Leslie

Professor, Associate Dean for Research & Graduate Education
(860) 486-3136

Ranjan Srivastava photo

Srivastava, Ranjan

Professor and Department Head
(860) 486-4020